Recently I've been looking at Povray, pyprocessing, and cfdg (version 3.0) as tools for creating digital images. I have branched two separate blogs where I mainly explore jruby + processing and

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Experimenting with processing-3.0a5

For the most part everything just works for me (64 bit linux Mint / Archlinux), but more radical changes are expected before version 3.0 gets released.
Owing to a policy change the sound and video libraries are no longer included in the processing distro.
You will need to install the video library from this is easiest done from the processing ide, see the Dan Shiffman video on video capture. Rather than install the possibly flaky sound library from, currently I would recommend that you install the tried and tested minim library (which can also be installed from the processing ide). However if you are on a tablet you might have more joy with the sound library from (as it appears to be designed with mobile devices in mind). Update 25 January 2015 sound library fixed to work on linux (after I had reported it). Not sure about windows status, latterly processing seems to be very Mac centric, despite Apples determined efforts to KILL java.


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