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Monday, 9 June 2014

Interesting times ahead for processing

If you had only just got used to processing-2 then it might not be too comforting to learn that the development effort is switching to processing-3, who knows what sort of beast that might be? The editor is likely to get beefed up, to be more like PDE X mode (the next generation), it might even be multilingual (as German, French etc). As for scripting modes, the python mode is already pretty well developed (as is javascript), but there is a ruby mode on the horizon, and others have also been promised (coffee-script, available but not over elabourated). PVector it seems might get a re-think (much needed in my view) to enable chaining etc etc. Oh and `Applet` will probably disappear as the base class for PApplet (threading issues on the Mac?). Update 1 July May'be they are having a re-think on chaining of PVector as I see from Ben Frys latest commit they have wound back changes that would support it. It is to be hoped that at least keep copy rather than the unfathomable get!!! Update 28 July 2014, well in some ways that's a bit of a relief, processing-3.0a1 is out and the changes (other than to the ide are very conservative) tested it with ruby processing seemed to work OK apart from one P3D sketch where there was some weird interaction with new ruby-processing bits (size got all weird, extra lines in OPENGL, I can't report it 'cos it uses new ruby-processing functionality too). In some ways it is disappointing, there wasn't a bigger change, a major bump up in version number and the yet changes are much less than 1.5 to 2.0 transition (that caused some pain, but was worth it). Update 30 July 2014 weird thing was a bug I introduced into the elegant_ball sketch, since fixed (but I'm not doing a release for an example bugfix, plus result was 'quite' interesting. Update 31 July 2014, I see from Ben Frys latest commits that vanilla processing has a setVertex(PVector vec) method, but due too overloading of PVector he's implementing a bounds check for the 2D version (don't want to set z when 2D) in principle this seems sensible but it would surely have been better to have Vec2D and Vec3D classes no? Update October 8th 2014, promised radical surgery has started Applet has be replaced by Surface.


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