Recently I've been looking at Povray, pyprocessing, and cfdg (version 3.0) as tools for creating digital images. I have branched two separate blogs where I mainly explore jruby + processing and

Monday, 14 May 2012

Fast ray tracing of processing sketches, using povray-3.7

Use povray-3.7-RC5, with my processing povwriter2 library, and get virtually instant (depending on quality of trace setting and complexity of sketch) ray-traced image displayed in processing window. To use this library you must use the latest processing-2.0, available as an svn checkout, processing-2.0a5 won't do. This is definitely an offline activity, and to benefit from the the SMP features of povray-3.7, you obviously need need a processor with more than one core. Here is my "ftest" sketch, before and after:-
Processing sketch, note record button
Povray traced image in sketch window (simple scene template)

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