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Monday, 12 December 2011

Progress In Processing 2.0

In the latest svn downloads 3D lines are now handled rather well, but more libraries are broken, SunflowP5 for one.
I've been looking at alternative ways of transforming processing sketches to to PovRAY, here is one example that should still work (albeit with some minor modification) with processing-2.0:-
Rendered with PovRAY 3.7-RC3

This sketch worked for me with processing-2.0a4....

The use of a PovRAY macro to produce this scene was particularly interesting. However the type of sketch is quite restricted to the 3D plotting of Math functions.

Just tried sketch with latest svn version of processing, sod the ray tracing the opengl display is now excellent. Spooky weird way the text caption rotates with the entire sketch, but it is not so functional. My conclusion is that peasycam (version v101) Hud is broken with processing 2.0, also note that textMode(MODEL) and textMode(SCREEN) have gone away, this is a deliberate change since the legacy renderers P2D and the P3D (which it was desigend for) have been abandoned.  I will definitely want to do some experiments with macros in PovRAY.

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