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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Developing Processing-2.0 Applications in NetBeans

See updated version here.

Processing-2.0a2 has just been released, and I have taken the opportunity to create some tools for those wishing to develop processing applications and/or processing libraries using netbeans (7.1beta in my case). With the advent of processing-2.0 P3D is essentially dead, and such sketches are rendered via OPENGL. Therefore when you create a "Processing library" (essentially you just need to define the path to the required jars) then you should now also add the opengl jars as described in my previous post. You should also define the path to the native binaries -Djava.lib.path={path}/library at runtime. I have produced some template files that you can use to customise NetBeans to make it even easier to develop processing using NetBeans here:-

To get the template menu to display a nice processing icon use a 16x16 png image and edit .nbattrs to match your system here is mine:-

You could just put try putting these files in the following directory {home}.netbeans/7.1beta/config/Templates/Classes folder (or the equivalent for your system) and the files should show up as templates (you will then just need to adjust the url to your processing.png file).NB: If you have already created custom templates, then edit your .nbattrs file, instead of replacing it.

Here's an image of a sketch produced using the template, I have specified P3D as mode to get the sketch to show Thread support is activated for P3D, of course this particular sketch would also run as the default, java2d:-

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