Recently I've been looking at Povray, pyprocessing, and cfdg (version 3.0) as tools for creating digital images. I have branched two separate blogs where I mainly explore jruby + processing and

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

From python to PovRAY

Having recently experimented quite a bit with pyprocessing, and PovRAY I knew there had to be an easy way to create PovRAY files from python, that was when I found this recipe, which seemed to do the job, I've brought it up to date a bit, to use PovRAY 3.7, and I've expanded the interface to include SkySphere, Triangle, declare (more later maybe?). You can see my version here. Here's an example scene creating using my module (example code included in the module), and the classic Cornell Box, created in python.      
Simple Scene created in python and traced in PovRAY
Classic Cornell Box from python

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