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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Animation of PovRAY ray traced processing sketches

There are plenty examples of processing sketches ray traced using sunflow converted to animations, so I thought I would show how you could do the same using my povwriter library to export the processing sketch to PovRAY format. Then I used PovRAY to create a series of images (animation frames), that I stitched together using ffmpeg. I'm not sure how it is done on Windows or the Mac, but for linux you only need enter povray ttest.ini on the command line to set the recording going (you will need ttest.pov in the same directory as the ini file in this case.

Here is ttest.ini file:-

; POV-Ray animation ini file




Here is the relevant bit of the ttest.pov file:-

// -----------------------------Adjust the processing scene
translate<TransXP5, TransYP5, TransZP5>
rotate<RotXP5, clock * 360, RotZP5>
scale<ScaleP5, ScaleP5, ScaleP5>

here is the commands to stitch the images together:-
ffmpeg -f image2 -i ttest%3d.png movie.mp4

TTest from monkstone on Vimeo.

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