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Friday, 3 June 2011

Penrose tiling in pyprocessing

Pyprocessing is "pure" python implementation of vanilla processing (based on pyglet to provide the graphics). I find I can use jEdit as my ide for pyprocessing, make sure you install the python plugin and download the community python commando file for best experience. Also be sure to create a simple macro to launch the python executable in the console, and you then you will be running your sketch with two mouse clicks. For screen-shots see an earlier blog entry discussing the carrot and coriander linux distro.

""" is a python script for use in pyprocessing 
It avoids switch, because python does not include it in the language, in my view this
is big mistake switch is very easy on the eye, I dislike chains of if/elif, however the 
alternatives in python are either dodgy or equally ugly

from pyprocessing import *
import math

# some globals
XPOS = 0
YPOS = 1
DELTA = math.pi/5

'F' : '',
'W' : 'YBF2+ZRF4-XBF[-YBF4-WRF]2+',
'X' : '+YBF2-ZRF[3-WRF2-XBF]+',
'Y' : '-WRF2+XBF[3+YBF2+ZRF]-',
'Z' : '2-YBF4+WRF[+ZRF4+XBF]2-XBF' 

AXIOM = '[X]2+[X]2+[X]2+[X]2+[X]'

def produce(axiom, rules):
    single rule substitution utility
    output = ""
    for i in axiom:
        output += rules.get(i, i)    # second i is returned when no dict key found
    return output
def repeat(rpx, axiom, rules):
    Repeat rule substitution in a recursive fashion rpx times
    production = axiom
    for i in range(0, rpx):
        production = produce(production, rules)
    return production

def render(production):        # avoiding switch and globals
    Render evaluates the production string and calls draw_line
    turtle = [0, 0, -DELTA]
    stack = []
    repeat = 1
    for val in production:
        if val == "F": 
            turtle = draw_line(turtle, 20)
        elif val == "+": 
            turtle[ANGLE] += DELTA * repeat
            repeat = 1
        elif val == "-": 
            turtle[ANGLE] -= DELTA * repeat
            repeat = 1
        elif val == "[": 
          temp = [turtle[XPOS], turtle[YPOS], turtle[ANGLE]]
        elif val == "]": 
            turtle = stack.pop() 
        elif (val == '2'):
            repeat = 2
        elif (val == '3'):
            repeat = 3    
        elif (val == '4'):
            repeat = 4     

def draw_line(turtle, length):
    Draw line utility uses processing 'line' function to draw lines
    new_xpos = turtle[XPOS] + length * math.cos(turtle[ANGLE])
    new_ypos = turtle[YPOS] - length * math.sin(turtle[ANGLE])
    line(turtle[XPOS], turtle[YPOS], new_xpos, new_ypos)
    return [new_xpos, new_ypos, turtle[ANGLE]]     

def setup():
    The processing setup statement
    size(500, 500)
    production = repeat(5, AXIOM, RULES)
    translate(width/2, height/2) 


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