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Friday, 13 May 2011

Processing to PovRAY (some reflections)

I have just updated my povwriter processing library to version 0.57.  This library simplifies the export of processing sketches to PovRAY format, and works well with many processing sketches. Ideally I would like to support the direct export of primitives (box, sphere etc) but currently its all triangle mesh, with the exception that processing stroke, that is realised as a cylinder/blob primitive (after Guillaume LaBelles supercad).
 My library differs from supercad in the following way

  1. my library supports external templates 
  2. my library "corrects" for different coordinate system
  3. it uses a degenerate filter rather than a random (but biased) random fuzzer kludge to combat degenerate triangles
  4. my library detects fill color (this mostly works, but make sure to turn off processing lights)
  5. the entire processing sketch is encapsulated in a union and can be scaled/translated/rotated independently from the background provided by the PovRAY template file
I recommend that PovRAY is used to provide textures/finish/transparency etc, by using different color for objects in your processing sketch that you want to treat differently, then it is easy to post edit these attributes.

Here is PovRAY image demonstrating the different coordinate systems:-

Its good to be back after blogger hiatus (update 14th May just deleted last post since this replaces what google just restored).

Here is yet another look at the toxmeisters "implicit function sketch" rendered in PovRAY (click on image to view full size)

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