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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Povwriter Library Memory Issues

Over on the processing discussion boards there has been identified a possible memory issue with my povwriter library for the following sketch which was originally rendered 1280*1024 in processing it was necessary to increase max memory of the processing ide from 1024 to 2024MB.  Here is the post-edited file rendered in PovRAY, where White color was changed to silver, and the finish of sphere changed to F_MetalE.  Update 13th April 2011 I'm working on a proper fix (by writing object data to a tmp file on the fly). The below sketch is slight variant (extra enclosed sphere) of one of the processing library hemesh examples by Frederik Vanhoutte aka W Blut . Don't you just love the open source community....

Update 15th April 2011 I have now published a potential bug-fix (memory issues) version 0.55 at, that definitely uses less memory however, if you are pushing the envelope apparently there is still an issue see discussions at contributed libraries forum at (join the discussions there or file a bug a if you have any issues). Update 23 April, see improved version, where sphere is added, after export as a PovRAY sphere primitive (it should be possible to to this within processing sketch, would need to suppress sphere rendering in sketch for export). Version of 0.56 should fix bug (version 0.55 was an incomplete fix).

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