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Friday, 22 April 2011

Combining PovRAY primitives with exported processing sketch

Ultimately my library may support the direct export of primitives from a processing sketch (sphere, box, cone etc). The reason that this is attractive is that PovRAY supports these primitives pretty well (spheres for example, see below, are rendered much more nicely than the Mesh alternative). For now you can easily post edit the povray file, and if you add primitives within the 'processing sketch union' sizes etc will match the processing sketch.  Here is the 'pov' code I used to a primitive sphere to the Hemesh cage example (see W:Blut for more exciting hemesh stuff.):-

    sphere{<0, 200, 1000>, 400}
    texture{ pigment{ color Silver }
  finish{ F_MetalE } } }

Here is the resulting image:-

Hemesh cage processing sketch rendered using PovRAY. Sphere primitive added in post export edit.

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