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Saturday, 23 April 2011

More Hemesh Library Processing Sketches Exported To PovRAY

Here is another example of my povwriter processing to PovRAY export tool. Features another Hemesh Library example. Rendered using PovRAY 3.7 Beta, after export using my povwriter library version 0.56.
To get the custom modifier sketch to run with processing 1.5 I needed to modify the code.

Here are the modifications I made
Basically I commented out the package line and used the full address for the HEM_Modifier class.

//specifying package wblut.hemesh allows access to protected members of HE_Mesh and other elements
//package wblut.hemesh.modifiers;

import java.util.Iterator;

import wblut.hemesh.HE_Mesh;
import wblut.hemesh.HE_Selection;
import wblut.hemesh.HE_Vertex;
import wblut.geom.WB_Point;

public class HEM_Noise extends wblut.hemesh.modifiers.HEM_Modifier {

A Mesh Selection Sketch by W:Blut rendered in PovRAY
Custom Modifier Sketch by W:Blut rendered in PovRAY

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