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Monday, 7 February 2011

Raytracing A Random Cage (Hemesh library example) in Povray using superCAD

As soon as I got my hands of the processing Hemesh library I fancied raytracing the cage example. However there were a number of issues when trying to use my modified superCAD library to export the sketch as a *.pov file. I found that I needed to include a degenerate line and degenerate triangle filter in my modified library. Now that could be bit interesting, because there is already a degeneracy check built in to the hemesh library (in WB_Triangle class), could it be that processing is introducing the degeneracy (via the export raw)? It was not just Povray being fussy either, because some of the degenerate lines did have zero length and were removed by my strict degenerate line filter. Triangle degeneracy is a different issue where Povray complains of triangles with area less than 0.1 (and probably a bit higher, and I will need to experiment with a higher limit for my filter).

Here are the initial results of the Povray 3.7 rendered image, for this sketch I've reverted to Guillaumes original supercad template, which has slightly confusing transparency, but rather excellent reflection qualities. I anticipate updating to a template to support radiosity, and to take colors directly from the processing sketch (by which time I might be in shape to offer an alternative library to supercad):-

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