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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Waiting for Povray 3.7 release candidate

Still messing with my revised processing supercad library (I got tantalizingly close to compiling yafaray into blender,  there is also an option for integrating povray 3.7), now that the licence for povray-3.7-beta has expired, I'm waiting for the release candidate. Here is an image rendered using povray 3.6:-
povray rendered

Three  dimensional "lines" in processing look crap, render them in povray and they look great. In povray speak supercad exports them as a blob, which is a wrapper for a cylinder object, which has texture.

Update 3 January 2011 Windows povray-rc1 candidate now released, (whilst waiting for linux version we have been given permission to hack the hard coded expiry date,  the debian guys have done that already!!!).
Well after a bit of effort I've got a kosher povray-3.7.0.beta.41, back working after hard coding a greatly distant expiry date.
For some reason I also needed to update boost from version 1.4.0 to 1.4.2. What is more blender povray render script now works!!! I can render objects from blender with povray!!!
Update 10th January linux povray-3.7.0-rc2 is available and seems to be working OK for me.

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