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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Toxiclibs-0020 release (I had to give it a go)

The MeshAlignToAxis example in toxiclibs new library seemed an ideal candidate to test my modified processing supercad library. It actually detected and named/#declared some 112 colors (albeit very subtle shades of grey, this is entirely due to leaving the lights on in the sketch), here is the library example rendered in povray-3.7.0:-

povray rendered

Here is another example given the same treatment, the MeshFaceExtrude
povray rendered
And another the mobius stripe
povray rendered

If toxi gets to see this he will probably be scratching his head. I am unsure as to whether it was a feature of the previous toxiclibs library, but there are two mesh functions (saveAsSTL and saveAsOBJ) that allow you to save the model as either and STL or OBJ stream, so you can easily get your model/shape into blender or CAD software (or even perhaps for a bit of 3D printing?). I was left briefly scratching my head as there was an error in the MeshFaceExtrusion example Triangle should have been Triangle3D, clearly a change of mind because Triangle occurs in the documentation.
Idea: A Klein bottle would be nice....?

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