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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

And now for something completely different (one for Guido and pythonistas)

Jonathan Feinberg (peasycam fame) has produced a workable python interface to processing. Whilst he is working on Eclipse integration, I've created a way to use JEdit as an ide.
Steps for installing here.
Get the JEdit files here, includes a bash script to run (you may wish to customize this script) from a single command (windows user will need an equivalent batch or cmd file?) and beanshell *.bsh macro to load the commando file.
Assumes you've got JEdit installed with a minimum of the console plugin to let you run commando files. Follow instructions at jEdit for installing commando and macro files. I placed my custom pyp5 script in the bin folder in my home folder (this is on my path).

Update 11th February 2011
I no longer change to sketch directory and now the data folder is recognized

One little wrinkle currently required when running from JEdit:-
where data from a file is required, the simple filename may need substituting with "data/filename" where filename is stored in data folder.....

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