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Sunday, 5 December 2010

A Povray rendered Hilbert in processing using supercad and lsystem libraries

Working with supercad library

Pressing the 'p' key causes the output.pov to be saved, I then open that file using jEdit and use my commando file to set the size and other attributes, and call the povray program. If you were more knowledgeable than me you could edit the pov file before rendering. However one simple thing you can experiment with thanks to Guillaumes template is to set a different camera (the default is perspective front on), three alternative (wide-angle) cameras can be set. But of course you could also easily write your own, using Guillaumes template as a guide. I quite fancy my BentHilbert rendered as wood texture viewed with a wide angle camera.

One thing that was puzzling me a bit was the povray object seems to move in the wrong direction, when I applied a vertical translation, could it be something to with the 'crazy' upside coordinate system for processing?
Positive 'y' is up according to povray documentation.

Removed processing code and the wonky a povray traced hilbert image created with an unmodified superCAD library.

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