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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Menger Surprise rendered in povray exported from processing using supercad

Here's a surprising povray rendering (of a Menger created in processing) I was only expecting one cube, allbeit with some reflections, came out a bit weird, the code is as for my Menger (DiscoVersion) which I published at open-processing, except I've commented out the rotations.
A very unexpected result....
Checking the supercad code I think it may have something to with Guillaumes random fuzzer kludge (designed to avoid co-linear points from processing upsetting povray?), I will see if povray 3.7 beta needs it.
Thats the Answer no need for that kludge as far as I can see...

PovRAY rendered
Incidentally the exported Wavefront obj file, is as expected a simple menger, I'm slowly getting there with blender, one day  might get to make a little movie?

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