Recently I've been looking at Povray, pyprocessing, and cfdg (version 3.0) as tools for creating digital images. I have branched two separate blogs where I mainly explore jruby + processing and

Monday, 13 September 2010

Exploring The Povray Ray Tracer

First I downloaded the source for the latest version povray_3.7.0.beta.38 and installed all the required and optional development libraries. Compiling is as simple as ./configure, make and make install (all very straightforward linux stuff). Some of the example graphics at the website are absolutely stunning. But here is my first simple effort rendered from the template output.pov produced by StructureSynth using my *EisenScript (* apparently so named in homage to the Russian film director).

Here is another image (A Starfish with basic texture) I produced by the combination of StructureSynth and the povray ray tracer:-

I've just uploaded a commando file that allows you to execute povray from jedit

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