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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

PureDyne Carrot and Coriander and PyProcessing

Well if you haven't had enough fun yet, there's plenty more things to experiment with and it won't cost a lot either:-
I've recently been playing with one of the most recent Linux distro releases, namely PureDyne Carrot and coriander which is aimed particularly at visual and audio artists (processing/arduino/inkscape and a whole heap of audio stuff, pre-installed). Does a nice job of configuring my graphics card (opengl works out of the box).
Then there is PyProcessing which works very nicely from jEdit (download the community python commando file to run it directly from the editor).
It will give me a chance to brush up my python, I'm very rusty, I only really did very much with it when I took up the python challenge. I was also very impressed by Pardus the Turkish linux distro that has based its distro on python scripts (seems a lot more elegant than assorted bash/perl/python scripts you get with most distros).

Turns out I don't think I'll doing too much python scripting a hour or so spent working trying to get the included samples working has convinced me to stick with ruby-processing, just because it mainly works with the exception of some issues of opengl on linux.

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