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Friday, 2 October 2009

Towards Glide Symmetry

I've had a look at some of Mike Taperells lino patterns, and thought about how it might be nice to create some tesselated patterns using context free, along the line of some of the patterns seen in Islamic art. I'm not quite there yet but here is a promising start.

startshape start

background{b -1}

rule start{
4*{x 5} { 4*{y 5} element{s .7 y 0.6}}}

rule element{
  6*[r 60 x 2.3 y .6]
  glide{r 16}  

rule glide{
3*{r 120} arm { r 25 b 1 sat 1 hue 0}

rule arm {
arm {hue  .9 b -.01 s .95 r 1 x .1}

The image on the right was produced using the additional tile directive, namely:-
tile{ skew 15 15 r 15}
An interesting effect but not what I was after my rules need modifying to to make use of this cfdg wrinkle.

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  1. That's brilliant, totally brilliant!



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