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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Emerging Symmetry

Getting closer to the sort of symmetry I set out to achieve, to do this I tuned the arm parameters and added a 180 degree flip to get spirals to align more closely. However I'm now a bit torn between the two patterns, although this has got more symmetry, it lacks the tension in the other one, where you might think that the elements are joined in some organic fashion.

   1 startshape start
   3 background{b -1}
   5 rule start{
   6 4*{x 5.3} { 4*{y 5.0} element{s .7 y 0.6}}}
   8 rule element{
   9   6*[r 60 x 2.3 y .6]
  10   glide{r 16}  
  11 }
  13 rule glide{
  14 3*{r 120} arm { r 25 b 1 sat 1 hue 0 flip 180}
  15 }
  17 rule arm {
  18 CIRCLE {}
  19 arm {hue  .9 b -.01 s .96 r 1 x .09}
  20 }



  1. I like this pattern, it flows well and has a natural movement. Between the red shapes there is also an interesting black shape that can catch the eye if you look at it for a second or two.

  2. Hi Mike, I prefer the first one as the basic pattern looks like a ring of 6 birds flying in a circle.

    b e n

  3. Um I meant Hi Martin.... sorry for the confusion.



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