Recently I've been looking at Povray, pyprocessing, and cfdg (version 3.0) as tools for creating digital images. I have branched two separate blogs where I mainly explore jruby + processing and

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Domain Specific Language for cfdg

On my other live blog at I've just been exploring the cfdg DSL created by Jeremy Ashkenas using ruby processing (an implementation of processing using jruby also created by Jeremy Ashkenas). I'm not exactly sure that it fully adheres to the context free principles but it does allows for a bit more programmatic control over your variables. Furthermore looping can be achieved using the lovely ruby syntax (it reads like just like English). Somewhat surprisingly I have been able make a contribution to the DSL, I have implemented the TRIANGLE primitive, took a couple of attempts but it is working now (as of 25 Aug 2009).

PS I just watched a video talk(from the same ArtAndCode series as Fry and Reas) given by _why (aka 'the lucky stiff') what a legend, and as you might expect he did wear shades.....
Actually given his apparent mental anguish when he wrote his infamous ruby guide he seems a fairly regular guy...

Update as of 2 Sept 2009 _why's gone missing, prescient or what when I made my blog entry _why went missing on 19th of August, all his on line presence has gone missing except as far as possible it has been brought together at I hope he's OK....

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