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Saturday, 13 June 2009

I'm missing radians

It seems positevly old school to work in degrees, but that's how it seems to be in context free.
Really simple rotation example:-

 2 startshape foo 
 3 background {sat 0.35}
 4 rule foo{
 5 box{ rotate 45 } 
 6 }
 8 path box {
 9     MOVETO{x 0.5 y 0.5}
10     LINETO{x -0.5 y 0.5}
11     LINETO{x -0.5 y -0.5}
12     LINETO{x 0.5 y -0.5}
13     CLOSEPOLY{}     // go back to (0.5, 0.5) and close the path
14     STROKE{}        // draw a line on the path using the default line width (10%)
15 }

Easy peasy

Looks a bit similar to processings beginShape/endShape with a pile of vertices between. Useful command line options are -V required to specify svg output, -h and -w to specify height and width default is 500 x 500, -s sets both height and width -c will crop to size to image.

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