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Monday, 1 June 2009

Artist Training

Back into the old post swim conversations with my artist friend 'Phil Sutton' today, unusually today we talked about art (normal fare is science/politics/philosophy).
He was bemoaning the quality of todays art teachers who have been trained by a generation of artists who were not taught 'drawing'. I agreed and suggested that drawing is part of seeing, and without that little wonder we get a lot of so-called conceptual art. Phil is a bit old school (from the Fauvist tradition), but the point about training the eye to see is well made. A lot of seeing is in the brain, the area which the eye really 'sees' is quite small the imagination/memory fills in much of the rest. What set us off down the art route today was talking about Gillian Wares blog (an old friend / ex student / occasional model). Where she has posted some photos following a recent visit to Phil. Here is an example:-

Which is an amazing model of Phil as a puppet (you should go to her blog to make the comparison of the artist and his puppet...


  1. I agree with you about seeing and I see what you mean about the puppet and Philip Sutton.

    Gillian Wares's blog is fun - I'm a tree person, too. I love the bluebell wood images but it's a pity that the pics are not a bit bigger, isn't it?

  2. Did you read the bit in her blog about the 'epic' trip she made to get to the bluebell wood. I hadn't before talking with Phil this morning, seemingly she has no transport of her own and had to rely on the buses.
    Have you had a go a ruby-processing, ruby idioms fit processing much better than java. I copied you when naming my blog.

  3. Yesterday it became apparent why Phil had drawing on his mind. He'd been up late (11-30 pm very late for him) the previous night proof reading a book he's got coming out on drawing.



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