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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Syntax Highlighting TMTOWTDI

Now I guess there's not much chance of any fellow contributors being vim users, but in case there are there is an ftplugin "processing.vim" available. What is more vim (or cream if you prefer a friendly gui, NB: both editors are available for Windows, if your a Windows user, choose cream then use 'Tools/Add-ons/convert/syntax highlighting to Html' from the menu) supports the code2html conversion, so there's an alternative to using jedit. Scripting fans will know there is also perlscript that can do the code to html conversion.
If you've got python support for vim, (and set the processing documentation path in you vimrc file) you can use the 'K' key to call up the processing documentation (loads in your browser, how cool is that). I think there is history here as developers may well have started development using vim...
So for those of you who like Antony enjoy the console look check out my vim highlighted Star.pde converted to to html Formatting is done directly in the html ie does not use a css style-sheet or header declaration.
Unlike jedit, where you need to add the code 'syntax' css style elements to the header in the page layout of your blog (remember you only need do this once and it is easy). Thereafter you cut and paste the code between <pre> tags into the edit html box on your blog.
Update 4 May, I've finally succumbed to the console look on my other blog

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