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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Vectors explained

For those of you not heavily in to game programming I found this excellent explanation of vectors for processing (now PVector) at straight from the horses mouth as it were. I particularly recommend downloading the example code, the simpleMouse example is very elegant and to my mind demonstrates most of what you need to know in one go...
I'm very much tempted to use that and possibly ideas lifted from John Wilsons 'Bee' to re-invigorate my original animated saucer...
I have changed my mouse following saucer to have an animated starfield background, I now make much use of PVector... though I've yet to automate my saucer!!
I'd like to think there something like emergent properties in my starfield (like Casey Reas and Ben Fry talk about on their podcasts see Darrels posting). The original clumping problem solved by fading in the stars (they now start life with 100% transparency). So brighter stars are nearer, an improved but far from perfect starfield...
ToDo: give saucer a path to follow..

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