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Friday, 5 December 2008

Anomalous Results With 3D

Ben aka 'Lazydog' has produced a fine opengl example, that will run on my Ubuntu 8.10 linux box, but not on my gentoo box (same pc multiple boot yes I know I'm mad!!!). Anyway further experimentation with library examples of opengl has produced the following interesting results, when I experimented with substituting P3D for OPENGL on said gentoo linux box.

LightsGLBlack ScreenIt Works
YellowTailBlack ScreenIt Works
ExtrusionGLWhite ScreenIt Works
EsferaBlack ScreenIt Works
SpaceJunkBlack ScreenIt Works
TexturedSphereBlack ScreenIt Works
Complex3DBlack ScreenIt Works

P3D is software emulated whereas OPENGL requires access to hardware, I'm still stumped as to why examples don't work on gentoo (glxgears runs and glxinfo looks the same on both Ubuntu and gentoo).
Well the result is I've tried pretty hard to get jogl to work on gentoo linux but to no avail, so what I've done is ditch the gcj implementation on Ubuntu and install their java sun version (you have to manually install the Firefox plugin but apart from that it was a pretty painless conversion. Now I'm happy I thought I might have to use Windows-XP for 3D stuff, now the only reason to use Windows is for the DRM stuff like BBC IPlayer or to use ITunes. The IPlayer always crashes for me after a download which needs a reboot to watch the program. The funny thing is that unless you want to get 3D to work on java, pretty much everything else has been sorted on linux, so why aren't more people choosing linux? Also why do so many windows installs insist on a reboot the only reason to reboot on linux is to change the kernel.

Update June 2009 Gentoo have now deprecated their java-config files so I've unmerged them and lo and behold OPENGL works fine and and dandy on gentoo to (probably a bit quicker than on ubuntu thanks to optimisation from custom compile.

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