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Friday, 14 November 2008

What is Art

I had a vigorous discussion this morning with my artist friend (Philip Sutton RA) about how I would define an artist. The discussion began after I told him about the "Wooden Mirror" by Daniel Rozin, you may have seen it on one of the OU podcasts. Phil is somewhat old school, he is 80 after all, and thinks such installations have gone from being art to being a performance. You can be sure he did not vote Tracey Emin to the academy (and she did not turn up for his 80th birthday bash at the academy).
Anyway it set me thinking about the following convoluted concept:-
Wouldn't it be cool to create a digital representation of the 'Wooden mirror' or 'Trash Mirror' using processing, conceptually it should be possible to display such an image that would respond to say webcam input?
Update 16 January 2009 Dan Schiffman describes how to implement a webcam mirror in his tutorial PartIII image processing.

Phils book is out now (but you've now missed his 80th birthday exhibitions).

One thing perhaps not unique to Phil is that he often decorates the frames, I was thinking of creating a Picture class for my "Mondrian", HAS_FRAME could be an attribute.


  1. I don't think there's any real problem setting up the 'Wooden Mirror' using Processing, in fact I think it's a great idea. There's a lot about webcams on the Processing discourse that might help.

    Tracey Emin is the sort of person we would all like to be - only most of us are too nice!

    Great exhibition - see what you mean about the music but thanks for the link.

  2. A somewhat late comment on Mikes comment:
    Yes I believe you are right I just stumbled on this site which seems to hold much promise
    PS: My artist friend is in London for a week from today.

  3. Phil Sutton Exhibition now online exhibition now showing at the richmond hill gallery

  4. I've come across Wiring before, it's one of those ideas that sounds great - you just need a limitless amount of time to explore it! But it is the right way to go, I am sure of that.

    Unable to find Phil Sutton online - do you have the url, perchance?

    Mike (Yet to master 2D on ubuntu!)



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