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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Something We Can Aspire to

There is some amazing stuff being written in processing just check this out I think its absolutely brilliant.

One for lazydog at least for the opengl.

NB: No less than 5 inner classes when converted to java, however from the programmers perspective dealt with by having separate *.pde files, so I think that must be the right approach...

PS: The inner class issue is dealt with in this part of the processing reference. In particular with reference to to the creation of static variables, which explains why my attempts to to create a move attribute for my 'Saucer' class failed previously.
The static variable cannot exist in an inner class, you could get round it programming in the java mode but that is not recommended (so I guess I will have to give it a go, I love a challenge). The non java solution is keep the static variable outside the inner class which is how my animated Saucer ended up.
Update (6 Dec 2008) just as an exercise:-
I used the netbeans refactor tool to create separate java classes for the worm program. The trick is to create a parent variable in each of the new separate classes requiring access to the code inherited by PApplet. Here is the the link to my re-factored worm it seems somewhat more lively than the original version.
The refactored version is now in a package monkstone, the Worm class (my PApplet class) is serializable, so I've added a serialVersionUID constant, which is supposed improve efficiency and parametrized a couple of Lists.
Update 9th January 2009 now refactored with a Point class that inherits from PVector.

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