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Friday, 28 November 2008

Just Do It Style of Animation

Revision as of 16 February 2009
The animated Saucer class now uses PVector to store position, acceleration and velocity, however the outcome is still a bit crude. The Saucer is now has a center starting position, near to the focus of an animated starfield. Given an initial acceleration the Saucer picks up speed and travels in a linear direction to an arbitrary boundary, at the boundary the Saucer speed is killed and the acceleration is reversed. It is easier to see it than explain.
To view the simple applet animation follow this link. (path is now a bit more interesting)

I have also created alternative (mouse driven) interactive animation, where the saucer follows the mouse.
I have gone on to refactor this latter applet to create a java mode version which is now quite different, and features a saucer that tilts toward the direction it travels on the x-axis. The saucer is substantially refactored, it now implements my own HybridShape interface (revised as of 30 January 2009).


  1. Hi Martin
    It's looking good but the animation is a bit fast and I can't get a good look at it!

    b e n

  2. Slowed speed fro 20 to 3, I hope that does the trick, seems slow enough for me.



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