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Sunday, 23 November 2008

An Early Digital Artist?

More discussions with my artist friend this morning. One of his contemporaries Harold Cohen (b. 1928), had dropped painting in the conventional way, and apparently got into computing. I did a brief google search and found that he had developed a robotic artist Aaron. Heres it in action, with the "artist" beside it.

To find out more about Harold Cohen here is his biography and here is his web site.

You will also be interested in this site if you want to know more about Aaaron.

Update from my friend, it turns ca. fifty odd years ago Phil and his wife used to rent a room in a large Victorian house owned Harold Cohen and his brother. Neither of us are of the opinion that what the robot produces is art. Interestingly Cohens previous work was somewhat abstract (dots etc) so it is surprising how the robot seems to have developed a figurative bent! PS you can get a screensaver based on the Aaron program, I don't think I will bother. I reckon Cohen got taken up in all the early AI hype, although Aaron is coded in C, there is lisp interface, which chimes well with the AI community.

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