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Friday, 17 October 2008

Preliminary Post

Warning Experimental Subject to Revision (last revision 4 Sept 2009):~

I've changed my mind about this blog, I originally thought it would be interesting to develop my ideas temporally (but since all contributors have yet to blog/follow there is no advantage in that approach). I have decided revision is good, and premature implementation is bad.

When I first tried to post code on the blog, it didn't look that great. However now I've found a solution that suits me, using a neat tool code2HTML, which creates all the style you need. This is made dead simple if you use jEdit as an editor which has a code2HTML plugin, and even support for the Processing language via an editable mode It turns it is quite handy to be able to edit the jedit highlight mode I have updated (as of 13th August 2009) the original processing.xml mode (with permission of toxi the original author) and posted it at
See later post for how to do it with Vim/Cream etc.
Janetta Steyn describes a decent alternative, but syntax highlighting is for java rather than processing I'm with fully with Janetta when it comes to the OU fixation with MS Word, almost any other editor/word processor is preferable to Word...
I've dabbled a bit with IDE, and even looked at some the code from the Ira Goldberg book.

I think it would be nice to have a theme (parallel story) running through the book like ''Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby'' which has the quirky “Little Foxes” cartoons and the “Chunky Bacon” references. Even the language python has a bit of theme going on with Guidos' encouragement of Monty Python references (update 4 Sept 2009 _whys gone missing, the link is to one of my more recent postings)
Mime-type I am struggling to find a mime-type/icon for pde files? Also known as pathology data exchange etc, you seriously could not have chosen a much worse name than processing for a language.
I think it wouldn't be bad idea to throw some visual ideas around:
We could work on aesthetically pleasing proportions such as the golden ratio (φ phi 1.618'). Other simple ideas would be to provide decent backgrounds and foregrounds eg light blue for sky, blue sea and sand colored sand (NB: American spelling is deliberate). Perhaps I'm inspired by where I live, click on photo for link to an album of my photos that I collated to share with my artist friend Phil Sutton RA.

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